Agent Klak is a secret agent with ties to Atrum Milites and other organizations. He works with a shadowy group of an unknown name, and fulfills their goals across the galaxy.

He met John Shepard in the middle of a planetary invasion. After gaining Shepard's trust, Klak joined their crew, and kept asking for food.

Later, Klak helped JS in his fight against evil, but he left once Adam showed up, assisting Sam. Suddenly, Klak disappeared. It is possible that he is off doing another mission. His return is definite. One wonders whose side Klak will be on once he returns.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Klak is often seen wearing sunglasses and a trenchcout with a suit and jeans. He usually carries a briefcase with weapons, such as a powerful and mysterious broomstick. Klak clings to this briefcase constantly.

He is also very calm and collected, asking for food even in the middle of a planetary invasion. When everyone else freaks out, Klak is level-headed enough to fix things.


Agent Klak is an alternate version of this guy