Firegate is a text-based, science-fiction roleplaying game created by Deus Ex. The RPG was created on Monday 19 March, 2012, and as of 28 April has 271 posts. Firegate is played from a third person perspective; Each poster controls a group of characters and defines their interactions with other characters and events within the universe. The actions of players can have effects on other players and the storyline as a whole.

Firegate is divided up into Arcs; At the moment, it is in Arc 2.


The Harvester ArcEdit

This was the first Arc of firegate, revolving around the Harvesters. The main characters in this arc were Sa'ira, Malcolm Reynolds and Francoise Mortier. Due to the poor handling of this arc and the perceived overpoweredness of the Harvesters, it was somewhat negatively recieved and was axed as a consequence, resulting in a clumsy ending.

The Mind ArcEdit

The second Arc, this arc focuses on the entity known as The Mind. The main characters in this arc are Malcolm Reynolds, John Shepard, Tarvias Deep, Reynolds, Jonas Washington, Samantha Endesha and Adam. The Arc has revealed tasty secrets about the Firegate universe, mainly relating to the ancient race known as the Protori.


  • The RPG is named after the Firegates, devices capable of instantaneous travel between solar systems. Some people believe the name is a fusion of Stargate and Firefly (It is not).
  • Firegate is also the name of the website it is hosted on.